Crypto Market Stabilizing: DCG Set to Shape Market Bottoming in 2023

• According to Arcane Research, the crypto market is stabilizing in 2022 after a hectic year.
• Bitcoin’s 7-day volatility has reached lows not seen since February 2019.
• DCG’s next steps may further intensify downward price action, potentially leading to a ‚market bottom event‘ in 2023.

In the past year, the cryptocurrency market saw some of its wildest swings in history, leaving investors reeling from the rapid changes in fortune. However, according to the latest edition of Arcane Research, the entire market appears to be stabilizing even though there’s still some uncertainty left. All eyes are on DCG’s next steps, which can further intensify downward price action and may shape to be a ‚market bottom event‘ in 2023.

Bitcoin’s current price action was defined as ’stale‘ as its volatility slumbered toward rare lows. Data suggested that the largest coin’s 7-day volatility reached lows not seen for two and half years as it plunged to 0.7%. The current numbers were only visited once since February 2019 – during the stagnant markets of July 2020. Meanwhile, the dollar’s volatility has fallen to its lowest levels since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

As such, investors have begun to focus on accumulating more coins and building their exposure. This is likely to be the theme of 2022 as the market continues to stabilize and more investors join the cryptocurrency space. The increasing institutional interest will also help bolster the market and provide a stronger foundation for the asset class.

At the same time, DCG’s next steps will also be crucial in determining the direction of the market. The firm has a lot of influence in the industry and any move it makes can have a significant impact on the markets. If DCG decides to invest in a certain coin or project, it could lead to an influx of capital and push prices higher. However, if the firm takes a conservative approach, it could lead to further price drops and may even lead to a ‚market bottom event‘ in 2023.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market is entering a new phase that will be focused on accumulation and building exposure. The next few months will be important for the industry as DCG’s moves will be the key factor in determining the direction of the market. If all goes well, the market may finally reach the bottom and start a new bull run in 2023.