Donald Trump NFT Sales Soar After Arrest: Over 60 Purchases in 12 Hours

• Donald Trump has seen increased interest in his NFTs following his arrest.
• Over 60 users have acquired digital art featuring him in the past 12 hours.
• The most expensive purchase was for 0.697 ETH (around $1,333).

Donald Trump’s Arrest Sparks Increase in NFT Sales

Following Donald Trump’s court appearance, more than 60 users have purchased Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) depicting the former US President. This surge of purchases suggests that Trump’s arrest has sparked increased interest in his digital art collection.

Trump Digital Trading Cards

The majority of purchases were for Trump Digital Trading Cards, with most users spending approximately 0.5 ETH to acquire cryptographic images of Donald Trump posing on various backgrounds. One user, going by paraguanads.eth, bought a card featuring Trump with a rifle in hand and wearing an orange hat for 0.697 ETH (approximately $1,333 at current prices).

Trump Launches Personal NFT Collection

Despite being critical of the cryptocurrency sector – specifically Bitcoin – the previous President of the United States launched a personal NFT collection at the end of 2022. Purchasing one of these digital art pieces gives people a chance to meet him in person; those who buy 45 separate tokens could even have dinner with him!

Trump Indicted On 34 Offences

Recently, American prosecutors indicted Donald Trump on 34 charges including business fraud related to hush-money payments to ex-porn actresses Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He is now the first former US President to be detained by law enforcement officials since Richard Nixon’s resignation from office back in 1974.


Donald Trump’s arrest has caused an increase in popularity for his personal NFT collection as over 60 users purchased tokens within 12 hours after his court appearance. The most expensive purchase was for 0.697 ETH (around $1,333). It appears that despite being critical of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology before he left office, this surge is testament to how popular digital art can become when it features someone as famous as Donald J Trump himself!