Invest in African Economies with DPAT – Enjoy Tax Advantages & Secure Transactions

• DPAT is a new investment platform, allowing users to invest in African real estate and infrastructure projects.
• The protocol behind it will disperse governance and ownership, enable voting on constructions, and provide cost-saving procedures related to trading offshore assets.
• It is based on blockchain technology, ensuring safe, transparent and immutable transactions.

Introducing DPAT

Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) is a new investment platform that enables users to invest in African real estate and infrastructure projects in cities such as Cape Town in South Africa or Accra in Ghana. With the rising investments into African states, this token could facilitate them in a simplified and secured way by providing certain tax advantages or other cost-saving procedures related to trading offshore assets.

How Does DPAT Work?

The protocol behind DPAT disperses governance and ownership among its users, allowing them to vote on the types of constructions needed for their respective cities; who performs them; where they are situated; how they are executed etcetera. This protocol also promises secure, transparent and immutable transactions with the help of blockchain technology.

Benefits of Investing via DPAT

By investing through DPAT investors can benefit from various incentives such as tax advantages or cost savings while trading offshore assets. Additionally, they can also be part of the decision making process by voting on construction projects within their respective cities – something that was not possible before thanks to traditional banking regulations.

Crypto Adoption In Africa

The reasons for crypto adoption in Africa have been attributed primarily to lack of basic financial services within countries like Nigeria as well as devaluating local currencies which have caused people to look for alternative options when it comes to investing or saving their money securely. This has resulted in an increase of interest towards digital assets within the region which has now been further encouraged with the introduction of DPAT.


Overall, Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) looks like an exciting project that could bring numerous benefits both to investors looking for lucrative opportunities as well as countries located on the continent looking for funding towards executing their building projects quickly and securely while also providing people with a chance at being part of the decision making process within their cities!