Liechtenstein to Enable Bitcoin Payments for Govt Services

• Liechtenstein is exploring the possibility of allowing its citizens to pay for government services with Bitcoin.
• Prime Minister Daniel Risch revealed that the country’s lawmakers plan to enable BTC payments, although he did not disclose whether it will be made a legal tender.
• Switzerland has already developed an infrastructure for Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA tokens to be accepted as payment in the city of Lugano.

Liechtenstein Could Embrace Bitcoin Payment

The Prime Minister of Liechtenstein – Daniel Risch – said that the local lawmakers plan to enable bitcoin payments for various government services.

Switzerland Developed Infrastructure For Crypto Payments

Another country that has turned its focus toward BTC is Liechtenstein’s western neighbor – Switzerland – and, more specifically, the city of Lugano. The domestic authorities have developed an infrastructure to make Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA tokens official means of settlement in the region.

Details On Whether Liechtenstein Intends To Embrace BTC As A Legal Tender

However, PM Daniel Risch did not provide details on whether Liechtenstein intends to embrace BTC as a legal tender, similar to what El Salvador and Central African Republic did in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Liechtenstein’s Interaction With Cryptocurrency Industry

This is not the European nation’s first interaction with the cryptocurrency industry. The Liechtenshein crypto exchange LCX launched its crypto-fiat gateway service enabling users from across Europe to buy digital assets using EUR or CHF.


Liechtenstein could become another country that adopts bitcoin as a payment option for government services. However, whether it will be made a legal tender remains unknown at this point.